National Population and
Housing Census 2021

House and Household Listing Results

Household Table

  • Table 1: Percentage of building structures by type of main use, NPHC 2021
  • Table 2: Percentage of building structures by number of floors, NPHC 2021
  • Table 3: Percentage of building structures by main use and age of the building, NPHC 2021
  • Table 4: Percentage of households constructing residential building structure from government grant, NPHC 2021
  • Table 5: Percentage of households and population having account in banking and financial institutions excluding cooperatives, NPHC 2021
  • Table 6: Number of Households and population having vocational and technical training , NPHC 2021
  • Table 7: Percentage of households having outstanding loan from banking and financial institutions including co-operatives, NPHC 2021