Census 2021

Slides of Pilot Census

Published Date: 2022-Jun-17 09:13 PM

A. Day1 S1 Introductiona and legal provision.pptx Download
B. Day1 S2 Enumerators role concept definitions.pptx Download
C. Day1 S3 Updata of listing.pptx Download
D. Day1 S4 Housing Q1-Q11.pptx Download
E. Day2 S1 Death and Absentees.pptx Download
F. Day2 S2 Exercise Solution 1-18.docx Download
G. Day2 S2 Problem 1-18.docx Download
H. Day2 S3 Individuals Q1-Q12.pptx Download
I. Day2 S4 Marriage and Education.pptx Download
J. Day3 S1 Problem Solution 1-18.docx Download
K. Day3 S2 Migration Q19-26.pptx Download
L. Day3 S3 Migration problem and solution.docx Download
M. Day4 S2 Sec.11 Disability.pptx Download
N. Day4 S3 Economic Activity Q32-34.pptx Download
O. Day4 S4 Economic Activity Q35-38.pptx Download
P. Day5 S1 Practical individual 32-38.docx Download
Q. Day7 S1 Cover, Control and Clearance.pptx Download


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